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Can you even imagine your business running without a fax machine or voice mail system? That would be nuts, right? Well, as indispensable as these tools are, it’s nothing compared to how the Internet can affect your business. The fact that over ONE BILLION people are online is of CRITICAL importance to you and your network marketing business…

Whether you just want to sell more product, or recruit more people into your team, the web is hands-down the fastest, easiest way to get in front of the best, most targeted prospects for your MLM business. In fact, based on the trends happening today...

Your BEST Prospects Can Be Found Online!

You know, a lot of leaders sell the idea of struggling, starving and suffering for months (or even years) while you build your network marketing business one recruit at a time so that “some day” you’ll be rich. But let’s be honest…Few people have the determination, persistence or discipline to do this. Which is why the dropout rate is so incredibly high and why most of your time and effort is wasted as your many new recruits “flake out”. (The problem here is you go broke before you get rich).

That’s because most MLMers don’t have any viable “system”, let alone a system to utilize the latest technology and make themselves (and their income) immune to whatever their downline or company decides to do. Imagine how different your entire home business experience would be -- completely transformed! – if you actually had a reliable, automated “system” to help you cash big checks every single month. (Without even relying on your downline or even your company if you don’t want to!)

Finally, thanks to the Internet, that “dream” has become a reality! (Don’t worry. Whatever frustrations, doubts, fears and confusion you now have about the online world will disappear by the time you're done reading the special report inside.)

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See Just a Few Comments About Chris' Ability to Grow YOUR Networking Business…

"...850 New Distributors in 14 Weeks!"

“With such in depth, easy to follow training, I defy anyone not to benefit. If you want real success in your chosen networking business you need look no further. I have built a downline upwards of 850 in 14 weeks using examples from your teachings...which is an extra $3,500.00 each month in profits!

David Hulse,
N. Lincolnshire, England

"...4 New Downlines!"

“After going through the course from you, I have become stronger than ever. I applied the methods I learnt and within 2 weeks, I was able to get 4 downlines and I hope to get more this month. You actually blew my mind to achieve greater things. I would always remain grateful to you. Keep up the good work.”

Ugochukwu Elendu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

"5 New Distributors and $200.00 in Immediate Profits!"

“The course gave me a better understanding of online marketing and prospecting. The knowledge of the presenters was great. I feel I recieved large amount of great training by participating in this course.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to build a massive organization in Network Marketing, to invest in this course as the training is excellent."

Results immediately following learning from Chris: 5 new distributors and $200.00 in profits!

Mathew Valdez, San Luis, Colorado

"Recruited a 'Dead' Lead that Was Two Years Old!"

"Although I have been utilizing Internet marketing for many years along my network marketing business, I feel that you have offered an incredible amount of content, tips, strategies even for those of us who have been doing this for awhile...

None of this feels like EXTRA WORK...:-), just adding in better ideas to be more efficient and have more FUN instead of having ME to do things over and over...I have also been "Recycling" leads with great results...I brought a gentleman into my business from a lead that was 2 years old ~~Pretty Neat!

I could go on and on about every tip or suggestion, but the overall premise has been to expand my time and energy in ways that will bring my business the greatest excellent weaving of philosophy and an action plan of things to do. BRAVO! With great appreciation,"

Kaaren Lahaug, Olympia, Washington

"Five to Six New Memberships a Month!"

"In these tough times for email campaigns, the ideas in your site helped me fine tune my network marketing campaigns and increase my response rate by...23%...which is a HUGE difference in my pocket, especially over time!

... the number of sponsored memberships I've acquired using your materials has increased by at least 5 to 6 people a month, which means much more moola and team momentum for my group!

Dr. Max Vogt, Nevada City, CA

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